Monday, January 09, 2006

Chrissy Presents

This year I gave a few Scrapped presents for Chrissy. My mum and Step mum got albums - to be added to for birthdays etc, and both my sisters in law ( brother's wives) received quote books.

These books I am most proud of. I collected quotes that were meaningful to me and decorated two 3inch books. The pink one went to together really quickly and I thought that this concept was going to be great. But the blue proved more difficult. It just didn't work - the ribbon was wrong , I didn't have enough patterns , then I had too many. Eventually I was happy and the reaction from the girls was wonderful. Of course , I was putting the blue together in the last week before Christmas, so many my mind wasn't on the job.

Anyway I'm off to watch the 20/20 cricket. See ya.

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