Monday, January 22, 2007

Essentials Challenge

Ali challenged us to write a list of our "essential" scrapbook supplies.
Here is mine

CARDSTOCK - Bazzill - I love all colours but it must be textured.

PATTERNED PAPER - I am loving paisleys at the moment and I am a sucker for stripes.

OLFA ROLLER CUTTER, PERSPEX RULERS AND SELF HEALING MAT - I came to scrapbooking from patchwork and quilting, and I find my old supplies quite useful.

WORDS - stickers, handwriting, journalling, quotes, lyrics. It doesn't matter where I get them, my layouts are not finished with meaningful words.

CAMERA - Fugi Finepix 5600 Digital Camera - I love it. I always have it with me.

STAPLER and MAKING MEMORIES(MM) COLOURED STAPLES - I use these to attach ribbon, paper, card and simply to decorate.

MM MAGNETIC STAMPS - rummage and evolution fonts and embellishments. I recieved these for Christmas and already they have become an essential.

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